Trade Finance Faces Major Operational Challenges



Dependent on the physical transfer of documents


Reliant on Manual Intervention

8 days

Average Turnarounds of transactions

100+ years

Unchanged process flow



Automating Trade

Rules and Compliance Engine

Traydstream enables banks and corporates to automate the manual scrutiny of trade finance documentation.
We combine Machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create intelligent pattern recognition and near-instant verification of regulatory compliance.

The platform replaces the current model of manual scrutiny with 4 levels of automatic checks to the extracted data:
  1. Blank / missing fields
  2. Discrepancies between documents – checking for inconsistencies
  3. Rules Engine: 225,000+ machine learning algorithms applied checking for adherence to ICC trade rules
  4. Compliance module (e.g. sanctions lists)

The benefits

  • Efficiency – supercharge your trade finance operations
  • Cost-effective – remove laborious and costly manual processing
  • Knowledge transfer – reduce the risk of knowledge drain

Managing Trade

Document Management

Via the Traydstream platform, banks and corporates can centrally manage their trade finance operations on-cloud or on-premise.
Gain control over the lifecycle of transactions as the platform manages the flow of documents end to end.
Utilise the influx of data to gain oversight over your trade finance operations with Traydstream’s MIS dashboard.

The benefits

  • Audit: Warehouse transaction history and ensure
  • Data analytics: Oversee your operations by region, industry, scale and other KPIs
  • Security: Ensure document integrity and reduce risk of lost evidence

Digitising Trade

Intelligent Data Capture

Traydstream’s purpose build Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software uses Machine-Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to convert paper-based information into a machine-readable format, extracting the relevant data and intelligently structuring a digital copy of the original.

The benefits

  • Automation: Reduce the operational burden of manual data entry
  • Efficiency: Accelerate the flow of documents to trade and compliance checks, and ultimately financial settlement


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